Off to the Malinois races

Hey, my dog might be smaller than your labrador or shepherd, but he is fast!

Do you remember Freyja?  She was the tiny yet adorable Belgian Malinois puppy brought over to our house several months back.
Belgian Malinois puppy
It turns out that puppies turn into dogs.  In typical Malinois fashion, she turned out to be a speed demon of a dog.
Or so her owners claim.
This little girl reportedly runs circles around the other dogs at the dog park.  Now, Grom has never met a dog that can keep up with him.  Could this puppy have grown to be his match?
A date was set and the course was layed out.  Mal vs Mal.  Could this Frejya, Viking Goddess dog outrun our dog of Thunder?
Here, are the results.

One Response to “Off to the Malinois races”

  1. We had a great time. When you see the two of them play for four hours non-stop, it makes you realize just how much energy they have! Hope we get to see all of you again soon. Stay safe!

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