Night Light Magic

Our dogs are trained to search day and night.

Grom especially loves to work at night.

The camera was set up on a tripod on a night with a full moon. The shots were taken with a 13 second exposure on each.

Grom was left inside the house where he could not see outside.  My husband tossed his toy far out in the yard into some bushes.  Much of our yard looks like a forest.

We put his very awesome disco Nite Ize light on his collar, the same one we light his vest up with.  I love how it changes colors, making a lovely rainbow light trail

Off he goes!  The bright spot near the beginning is where he pauses for his command to find it.

Looping around.  Getting close to the toy.  His nose tells him it is around there somewhere!

And back.  With a really good shake of the toy at the end.

One Response to “Night Light Magic”

  1. That’s an interesting group of pictures. Very cool.

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