Grom Started Testing

It seems only a few months ago we were just teaching our dog to bark on command.

When he did it all on his own, we were ecstatic.

Indication work moved quickly on to pursuing a person who just ducked behind a tree.  Then on to a someone he did not see hide, but would call his name from somewhere deep in the woods.  The little puppy moved on through longer and more difficult problems.

It seems only yesterday.

Now he has already started testing.

There are 6 search tests we will need to pass with our dog to become an operational search team:

  • Open Field Test
  • Trail Test
  • Light Brush Test
  • Dense Brush Test
  • Night Test
  • Operational Test

Why haven’t I said anything about it until now?  Well, there are two of us who have to run through all of these tests with Grom.  We decided my husband gets to go first this time.

Grom and Aaron have passed their Open Field and Trail Test already. (Look for upcoming posts from Aaron on their progress)

I will soon be following hot on his heels.  I am caught up in what must be the largest group of handlers and dogs ready to test our team has ever seen!

Oh, and if you didn’t catch it,  the little dog has to do everything twice!

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