Berry Farm Search Training Plethora

Water Training, Human Remains Detection, and Wilderness Training

We got it all done today.

The Westmoreland Berry Farm is a wonderful place we use for training.  Behind all of the delicious strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, peach trees, and goats a full search and rescue team with their dogs are out playing.

The Berry Farm is one of the few places we are able to use our boat for water training.

Here Leah is standing at the bow of the boat getting ready to search the water and its banks.

Search dog on boat

That is one nice smile on that dog’s face.

Even our beginning dogs get to join in the fun.

Our biggest puppy goes on a nice cruise.

So, Jonah, how do you feel about riding on a boat?

You don’t say.

(Must have eaten a bug)

Yes folks.  Our search team president works hard at training.

So very hard.

It was a scorcher of a day out there.  Hot temperatures and very little wind made working conditions difficult for the dogs out there.

This field would have been exhausting for the pups.  Air and thus scent becomes trapped in the tall grass.  A dog will leap above the stalks in attempts to catch a whiff of something above the field.

Rocky the border collie is going to get tuckered out with all that bounding!

search dog in field

Let’s work on something a bit easier in the heat.

How about doing some human remain’s detection?

Oh! Here is something up in this tree.

search dog up tree

Boy, mom sure finds some hard places to hide things.

After all of that hard work, the dogs deserved some splashing around.  Even Grom doggie paddled in the water for a bit.  It took me in my sexiest outfit to get him in there, but he finally took the plunge.

There he is with all four paws off the ground.

My little guy finally learned to swim!

search dog swims

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