Going for a Boat Ride

It’s wet and wild!

There are people in the water.

They have my toys!

Grom is learning for the first time that humans can indeed hide in the water.  I am very lucky to have a dog that really likes riding in a boat. He still is not too thrilled with swimming.  Go figure.

First the dog is introduced to just seeing people in the water.  The best part is he gets to play with those he finds.  The reward must always come from the water, so the swimmer has Grom’s favorite mangled tug.

Grom thought that people in the water are lots of fun.  So, the swimmer started asking the dog for a bark before he was allowed to get his toy.  No problem there.  What a loudmouth!

Finally the swimmer hid underwater and moved to opposite sides of the boat.

We ended with putting the dog in a down so he had no idea what direction the swimmer was moving.  The swimmer held his breath under the water. I gave Grom the search command, “mission!”

Let the sniffing begin.

K9 Rocky Says

Do I smell something on shore over there?

Search dog rocky on boat

K9 Echo cruises off shore

Sniff Sniff Sniff

Hey!  I think there is someone down there.  Check this out.

echo search dog sniff off boat

Woof! Woof! Woof!

What are you doing down there?

echo rescue dog bark matt boat

Toy! Toy! Toy! Toy!

echo the search dog tugs with matt off  boat

What do you mean I was supposed to stay in the boat?


You look like you needed help cooling off.

Echo the dog shakes water on his handler

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