Grom visits the Rattlesnake Museum

The American International Rattlesnake Museum that is.

search dog enters rattlesnake museum

Located in beautiful Old Town Albuquerque, the Rattlesnake Museum is my old stomping ground.  It was the first really cool job I ever had.  The museum displays the largest collection of different kinds of live rattlesnakes in the world in beautifully constructed unique habitats.  The museum also boasts a fantastic collection of snake related art work, movie props, and more.

Grom just HAD to check it out.

Look at this gorgeous Rock Rattlesnake

mottled rattlesnake

Some of the rattlesnakes were very curious of Grom.

big red rattlesnake

Grom was quite curious of the rattlesnakes.

dog looks at rattlesnake

Not all of the rattlesnakes were impressed.

rattlesnake yawn


We watched some really good movies.

dog watches rattlesnake movie

Ok, MOST of us watched the movie.

Grom even got to meet rattlesnake Bob!

rattlesnake bob

Sorry Bob, I just could not resist the look on your face.

Grom loved Bob. You will too!

One last stop at the Old Town Gazebo.

Grom Gazebo

If you ever get a chance to visit Albuquerque, I urge you to seek out this striking exhibit!


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