OW! The Trucks

Or it could be an elephant

or possibly a baseball bat.

Yesterday, I woke up to the feeling that a truck ran over me.  Funny how I am sick on the Monday after a nice training day out in the woods.  I felt fine while climbing trees and tugging with a strong labrador from my precarious perch. I felt absolutely stellar while resting my head on my pack, then dragged around the leaves by a strong German Shepherd on the other end of a tug.  I even felt wonderful after walking and running around in the woods with my pack on, playing with numerous other search and rescue dogs.  Some of them puppies, some of them teenagers getting ready to start their testing.  I even felt fine after doing a 40 acre sector with Grom and six other search team applicants and members learning the ropes.

Monday, I slept all day with a puppy on my chest.  A very loud puppy who snores with his legs in the air.  A very wiggly puppy who runs and wiggles with his legs in the air and his head firmly wedged in my armpit.  A good cuddly little puppy during the day.  A very bad, loud, and rambunctious puppy who barked and sped around the house all evening because he did not get worked.

Working dogs.  The good, the bad, the LOUD!

Needless to say, consciousness has been a challenge since monday as I have caught one nasty bug.  Let’s hope the puppy behaves, tonight.  Right Grom?

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