Just a Short Update

Let’s see, just a very quick run down.

I am attempting to figure out how to blog while several other changes have occurred in my life.  I have begun working a second job at a very nice doggie daycare for much needed extra income. It also breaks up my week and gets me around other people.  This of course has thrown my schedule into chaos.

New laws and other potential laws have put my fantastic wildlife educator job into jeopardy.  Stressing everyone out there.

Another few changes has cause our poor pup Grom to be stressed.  Lauren, our very good friend’s old German Shepherd, has been living with us for a year now.  She has now gone home to live with her mom in her new place.  Grom is a bit confused with the change and is moping around the house.

Since becoming operational, I have been called out on two searches.  Neither I have been able to go on.  One, because my husband and I have been sick.  The other because I was unable to arrange to get there when they needed us.  I am so glad to have such wonderful team mates that could go.

There will always be more searches.

This weekend I will be providing a slide show on a scent theory and search strategy class. I cannot wait to share the information gleaned from it with you folks.

This has been a good year to clean out the cobwebs and get my rear into gear. Spring cleaning has started early and I am thinking this will mean good things for me and for you, a Better blog!

May the year of the Dragon bring you luck, health, and prosperity.


One Response to “Just a Short Update”

  1. bakerstacy Says:

    Lauren misses Grom. 🙂

    I’m sorry he’s bumming about it. I’m thrilled to finally be able to have her back as a part of my life. I’d have been devastated if I didn’t have you guys to take such amazing care of her for me while… my life was stupid. 🙂

    I love you, Penningtons. 🙂

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