Leave it! While walking

(Please see the post about teaching off before teaching this step.)

Your dog can now leave treats alone in your open hand

Leaving Treats on the Ground

  1. Place a treat on the ground right next to your foot.  Be ready to cover the treat with your foot in case he tries to go for it
  2. Say Off
  3. Click and treat out of your hand if your dog leaves the treat alone
  4. Continue clicking and treating a few times to reward continuing to leave the treat alone
  5. Pick up treat and repeat

Walking Towards a Treat then U-turn

  1. With your dog unable to follow you. (Tie the leash to a doorknob, around post or furniture, in a crate, or have someone hold the leash)Place the treat on the ground
  2. Say “Off”
  3. Walk towards he treat, click and reward before your dog starts going for it
  4. If your dog goes for the treat, turn around and try again at a much further distance
  5. repeat walking towards the treat, clicking, reward and turn around to start again
  6. Never let your dog get the treat, body block or use your foot to cover the treat.  Avoid using the leash to prevent your dog from getting the treat
  7. Repeat until you can get about 3 feet away from the treat without your dog going for it

Walking Past a Treat

  1. Walk past the treat from about 5 feet away. Make sure to walk in between your dog and the treat.  Get ready to take a step backwards to body block your dog if he tries to go for the treat
  2. Click and treat as you walk past the treat
  3. Repeat, getting closer and closer to the treat. (Be sure to randomize the distance so you are not getting closer all of the time.)  Example: 5 feet, 4 feet, 6 feet, 4 feet, 5 feet, 3 feet etc.
  4. Click and Treat lots if you must in order to get past the treat at first
  5. Keep training sessions short and always end on success.



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