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Playing in the Snow

Posted in Dog diary, life with a working dog, pets with tags , , , , on February 13, 2014 by rattlerjen

Snow brings out my inner child

It snowed about 14 inches here at home in Northern Virginia.  I have two dogs and a hill in my back yard.  This of course calls for the implementation of a bad idea. Deja vu!

My dogs needed exercise

Molniya has a special pulling harness she has been taught to pull on and a bungee leash. She had tons of fun running down the hill. I had so much fun, this will likely be repeated again tomorrow morning!


Save a Hero’s Life

Posted in dog, life with a working dog, pets with tags , , on October 11, 2013 by rattlerjen

This dog can do anything!


Help him work again

Pyro is a dog on my Search and Rescue team that does it all.  He can climb anything, find anything, do pretty much anything. Right now he is need of some help.  For some unknown reason, he has developed an infection that is costing his wonderful handler a bit of cash and a ton of heartache.  She will do anything for this dog, and this dog will do anything for her. HIs handler/owner is broken to pieces over this boy and she will not give up.

Every tiny bit helps

Long time readers know I do not post about charities on this site. This dog is special. If you can only give a dollar, go for it. Nothing is too small.  If you cannot give a dime, spread this post around. Maybe someone you know can give something. Pyro has done so much to help humans. We can do something to help him. Find his story and Donate now at the link below.


Donate now through Go Fund Me

Molniya Gets a uniform

Posted in life with a working dog, pets, Search and Rescue with tags , , on December 4, 2012 by rattlerjen

We received Molniya’s vest in the mail today.  It fits her perfectly.  Nothing looks better on a black dog.  At least her “brother,” Grom, thinks so.


She is fitting in so well.  The best part is she loves to bark!

What sort of dog owner wants their dog to bark?  These people must be crazy!  We are teaching her to bark on command for her favorite toy.  Barking is what she will use to tell us she has found a missing person.  She will then get her toy reward for a job well done.

She fits in so well around here.  Molniya loves playing with her big brother, Grom. She also loves chasing balls in the backyard.  She loves bubbles most of all;  she will do anything for them!

Someone does need to tell her to stop trying to eat the stink bugs. EW!

Hiking the La Luz Trail

Posted in life with a working dog, pets with tags , , , on September 18, 2012 by rattlerjen

The trail of light climbs 3,000 feet to the top of Sandia Peak

We decided to hike about a third of the trail for the view.  Boy, were there views!

At the bottom of the trail, the peak looked very far away

Looking back down after about an hour of climbing showed endless switchbacks

Aaron remembered to stop and give Grom lots of water.  Good handler!

The jumping cholla (Choy-Yah) cactus were blooming.  Grom learned not to pee on them.

Grom learned that pulling on the leash while hiking makes Jen fall down.

Much better!

We found out it was best for the dog to walk behind us.  It made it much easier for hikers to pass us.

Half way point equals a nice relaxing nap in the shade.

Aaron enjoyed the view of the city from a pine tree.

The view of the top was not bad either.

Group photo!

A tired dog is a cute dog.

Pet Sitting Puppy Pals

Posted in dog, life with a working dog with tags , on August 14, 2012 by rattlerjen

Grom and Seamus are “Brothers from another mother”

At least they are if you could ask them.  I have had the opportunity to take care of Seamus the cuddly labrador for the past few weeks while his mom is out on vacation.  He and Grom are the best of friends.  They must do absolutely everything together.  I have to say, they are both pretty darn cute.

They share bones

Swim Time

Nibble Time

And even Nap Time

Seamus the Labrador is halfway through his Search and Rescue Wilderness tests.  Two Search and Rescue Dogs – Two Best friends.

What! No training?

Posted in life with a working dog, pets with tags on June 21, 2012 by rattlerjen

This is what happens on holiday weekends when there is no training.

When there IS training, he whines and tugs at our shirt sleaves.

This is what a baby alligator does when spring is in the air.

Isn’t his singing lovely?


OW! The Trucks

Posted in life with a working dog, pets, Search and Rescue with tags on November 22, 2011 by rattlerjen

Or it could be an elephant

or possibly a baseball bat.

Yesterday, I woke up to the feeling that a truck ran over me.  Funny how I am sick on the Monday after a nice training day out in the woods.  I felt fine while climbing trees and tugging with a strong labrador from my precarious perch. I felt absolutely stellar while resting my head on my pack, then dragged around the leaves by a strong German Shepherd on the other end of a tug.  I even felt wonderful after walking and running around in the woods with my pack on, playing with numerous other search and rescue dogs.  Some of them puppies, some of them teenagers getting ready to start their testing.  I even felt fine after doing a 40 acre sector with Grom and six other search team applicants and members learning the ropes.

Monday, I slept all day with a puppy on my chest.  A very loud puppy who snores with his legs in the air.  A very wiggly puppy who runs and wiggles with his legs in the air and his head firmly wedged in my armpit.  A good cuddly little puppy during the day.  A very bad, loud, and rambunctious puppy who barked and sped around the house all evening because he did not get worked.

Working dogs.  The good, the bad, the LOUD!

Needless to say, consciousness has been a challenge since monday as I have caught one nasty bug.  Let’s hope the puppy behaves, tonight.  Right Grom?

Grom visits the Rattlesnake Museum

Posted in life with a working dog, pets with tags on October 25, 2011 by rattlerjen

The American International Rattlesnake Museum that is.

search dog enters rattlesnake museum

Located in beautiful Old Town Albuquerque, the Rattlesnake Museum is my old stomping ground.  It was the first really cool job I ever had.  The museum displays the largest collection of different kinds of live rattlesnakes in the world in beautifully constructed unique habitats.  The museum also boasts a fantastic collection of snake related art work, movie props, and more.

Grom just HAD to check it out.

Look at this gorgeous Rock Rattlesnake

mottled rattlesnake

Some of the rattlesnakes were very curious of Grom.

big red rattlesnake

Grom was quite curious of the rattlesnakes.

dog looks at rattlesnake

Not all of the rattlesnakes were impressed.

rattlesnake yawn


We watched some really good movies.

dog watches rattlesnake movie

Ok, MOST of us watched the movie.

Grom even got to meet rattlesnake Bob!

rattlesnake bob

Sorry Bob, I just could not resist the look on your face.

Grom loved Bob. You will too!

One last stop at the Old Town Gazebo.

Grom Gazebo

If you ever get a chance to visit Albuquerque, I urge you to seek out this striking exhibit!


Bouncing, Wobbling, and Sliding!

Posted in dog training, life with a working dog, pets, Search and Rescue with tags , , , , , on September 20, 2011 by rattlerjen

A little bit of agility fun at the playground

On our little trip to New Mexico, we ran across a very nice playground to practice a bit of agility on.  This little park had everything a search dog needs.

It had a suspension bridge, a wobbly set of disks, slides, ladders, and tunnels!

Watch the little fuzzball run through a few of the obstacles in this short video.

Grom’s Trip to New Mexico

Posted in dog, life with a working dog, pets, Rescue Training, Search and Rescue with tags , , , on September 6, 2011 by rattlerjen

It’s very exciting

Grom took his first airplane ride.

And promptly fell asleep.  He did not even mind getting searched at the security check point.

Once he was on the ground he thought it was time to learn to drive.

But his mom told him he was not old enough.

He met some other awesome search dogs from another search and rescue team.

A baby.

and a camel

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