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End Barking at the Door Bell

Posted in dog training, pets with tags , on September 21, 2015 by rattlerjen

The door bell rings and you brace for the annoying barking fit.

We all know too well how irritating a door bell barking dog can be.  Your dog is just excited and wants to see who it is.  You just want some peace and quiet, and dare I say the ability to get to the door without being knocked over by an exuberant bowser.

Dogs at door

Here is what you need.

  • A cell phone, tablet, or other computer device
  • Someone to take your dog outside for a bit
  • Your Finger
  • Your Dog

First, find the speaker box for your doorbell.  This object is typically mounted high up on the wall somewhere near the center of your house.  Put your phone down near this strange object.

Find  your voice recording app or even just take a video.

Press play and run to your door.

Randomly press your doorbell for about a minute.  Make sure it is really random and there is enough time for you to calm your dog down in between each ring, 5-20 seconds or so.

Stop the recording and replay to make sure it works.

Now, get your dog.

Play the recording on the lowest volume your dog reacts too.  Just randomly walk around the house with this playing.  Do not go the front door at all.  Your dogs are probably going to run to the door or window to see who is there.  Just ignore them and continue about your day. Do not reprimand, punish, startle, or give attention to your dog in any way. After a while your dog will begin to ignore the ringing noise.  Stop playing the recording for at least 5 minutes.

Then, play again with the volume up just a bit.  Repeat until you are at full volume.  You may even consider plugging your device into a speaker if it does not get loud enough to emulate the real doorbell.

Once your pups are used to this, you may press your real doorbell!  Follow the video below.

desensitization to the doorbell from Lead With Fun on Vimeo.
Desensitization to the Doorbell Video

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