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Aquatic plant for a ride

Posted in Dog diary, life with a working dog with tags , , , on April 16, 2010 by rattlerjen

I came home this evening to find a single dingleberry left on the corner of the rug. I wondered if it had been stuck to a dog or traveled in on a shoe.  I quickly picked it up with some tissue and flushed it down the toilet.  Out came the can of carpet spot cleaner and a rag.  I found such a thing quite funny.

Grom has knocked over our herb planter,  stolen a shoe, eaten a panty in half, and grabbed the aquatic plant for a nice ride around the yard in his mouth.

Looks like his training has improved 😀

Snowmaggedon is Here!

Posted in life with a working dog with tags , , on February 6, 2010 by rattlerjen

Today was the day filled with bad ideas.

Bad Idea #1:  Mother Nature,  Do we need 24 inches here?measuring snowBad Idea #2: Taking the bicycles out for a relaxing spin in the lovely snow.

Snow biking

Yes, I am getting on it and did ride it

Bad Idea #3: Eating at the only restaurant open that day.  Wait for it… (just look in tomorrows posting)

Bad Idea #4: Dog decides to continuously try and get my old German Shepherd to play with him in the snow.  At this point, she has had enough of him.  Here is a video of a dog telling another that she is tired.  Go away!

Bad Idea #5: Letting our working dog wear himself out yet again so he has nothing left for training.  Oh yeah, and letting him sleep in the chair.

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