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One of my favorite things about winter is getting warm.  I love hot tea and cocoa in front of a fire.  My new house has an added perk most appreciated during the cold season, a whirlpool bath tub.
I had been looking forward to soaking in some hot, sudsy water all day.  Recovering from a horrible cold that left my body aching made the bath even more appealing.
I started the hot water filling the tub and walked to the back door to let the dogs out.
Grom dashed out into the snow sliding around like a car in a chase movie on the streets of Paris.  He spazed out in the yard running sliding curves around the two older German Shepherds.  I went upstairs to check the bath.  It’s was almost full.  There was just enough time to let the furballs back in.

When I opened the door and called the snow covered mutts back in, speed demon darted past me into the house and directly up the stairs.  The two geriatric girls trotted and in one dog’s case, strolled into the house, stopping to yawn in the doorway.
I climbed the stairs to the bathroom and found this:

My beautiful bath to be was already occupied.
Since he was a puppy, I played ball and fed him in the empty bathtub.  Progressively filling it with a bit more water each time.  Training a dog to get used to routine care is essential, but this was ridiculous!

Perhaps he would like the jets on?

I learned a few things:

Tearless bubbles rock, I lost my bath, but gained a clean dog, and I was grateful he was not shown how to turn on the water by himself.

One year

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Turkey day is a week gone and there are no turkey leftovers to share.  Thanksgiving made me realize that we have had our crazy black puppy for a year now.

He has made quite a bit of progress since then.  No more whining and barking in the crate, tearing apart everything he sees, or acting shy around strangers.  We spent countless hours enduring his crying and digging fits in the crate waiting for the instant for him to quiet so we could swoop in with a treat.  I remember watching with horror as he looked me right in the eye, grabbed a pair of my underwear, and proceeded to tear around the house with them in his mouth.  Then tearing the unmentionables into tiny shreds until they became unrecognizable.  I can’t forget the dozens of trips to new places and giving treats to strangers so he could get used to everything and everyone.

He now loves going into his crate and taking a nap, meeting new people, and traveling to new places.  After nearly a year of obedience work, he has tested and received his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification.  He will let me clip one nail without getting upset these days.  Grom will even hangout at the veterinarian as long as no one tries to grab his paws.

On the search front his training is coming along.  He no longer needs to see someone run away to hide.  He even does searches that last as long as 10 minutes without giving up.  Each training he may have a few minutes added to his search time until he can search all night without getting bored.  The little guy is so quick to learn, he is leaving me in the dust.

He is still rude and will steal your chair the moment you vacate it.  Many times he wont wait that long and will climb right into your lap.  He sleeps on top of the bed directly on a human’s feet, arms, or even head and groans in complaint when the numb human tells him to get off.  He barks with jealousy when we are giving Heidi a tummy rub.  He likes to run full speed around the house and stop and slide on a rug until it is folded in a wad on the other side of the room.  All of these things I do not mind at all.  There is just one thing I have to remember

make sure that the panties are all in the hamper!

Playing in the South

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A couple weekends ago, we packed up the dog and headed down south.  Part of our team lives and trains in the Southern part of the state.  We got our tents up and made a fantastic weekend of it.

It is a wonderful benefit to have another group of talented team members to learn from and train with.

From these pictures, you see the dogs are not complaining.

Wabi flies for the toy

Tomo speeds by like a bullet train

Juno starts with a giant leap

Danne loves getting her play reward

Aspen bounces when barking, Check out those ears!

And when he gets it right, He tugs with a tail high

Crossing that Bridge

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That swinging bridge

It Sw  a   y  s

It SH ak ES

It BoUnCeS

And it is high above the water

And the dogs must cross it for the very first time

Many of the dogs simply enjoyed the view

We learned to catch our balance

And to look straight ahead

For Heidi, it was old hat

We were all Brave enough,

To Come all the way back again.



Luau at Obedience School

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Dust off those grass skirts and put on those Hawaiian shirts; It’s Luau time!

Vicki was excited to get the dogs rollin on the skateboards.  Check out that awesome hot pink skirt!

Look!  I am getting treats for riding on the skateboard.  Soon I will be doing 360’s.

Coconut bowling sure looks like fun.  Can I try?

What do you mean I am over the line?

I think this poor lady must have had a spider in her pants.

I was taught to follow that yellow ball on the stick. What is she going to ask me to do next, jump through hoops?

Forget I said anything.

Mals are Nuts

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Grom here is recovering from a vicious attack from another aggressive Belgian Malinois.

The offending dog thinks of murder all day

Here is the actual attack taking place.  Notice another Belgian Mal is attempting to save our German Shepherd (or possibly joining in the attack.)

One on one with Grom, it is very scary.

This crazy animal will eventually grow into a massive killer of enormous size.

In short, never put these very dangerous dogs together.  You will have to witness several hours of offensively adorable puppy play, lounging, cuddling, and sharing of toys.

Please, talk to your dog about the dangers of puppy play-dates before it is too late.

Heatstroke Danger for Dogs

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The dog days of summer are here

but no dog should be out in this heat.

Canines cannot cool themselves like humans. Limit a dog’s time outdoors to less than 30 minutes in temperatures above 90 degrees F.

Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs

  • when panting, look for a paddle shaped tongue
  • bright red gums
  • excessive salivation
  • increased heart rate (if you know your dogs normal heart rate as this varies with the size of a dog)
  • body temperature 105 and above

heatstroke in dogs

In Severe Cases

  • disorientation
  • collapse
  • pale gums
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • coma


First thing is to get the dog to a cool area ASAP!  No chatting with friends, move it!

Get the dog immersed in cool water.  In a bath, kiddie pool, stream, lake, whatever you can find.  Be sure to hold the dog’s head above water.  The dog is likely to be very weak and could collapse in the water.  Do not let the dog swim!

If there are no baths around, use a hose or shower to drench the dog in cool water.

If neither option above isn’t available immediately, use a towel or clothing soaked in water to mop water on the dogs groin area, head, neck and ears.  (The groin area on the inner thighs contains big veins and little fur)

Let the dog drink as much water as he wants

Put a package of frozen vegetables or crushed ice wrapped in a thin towel on the dog’s head and neck to keep his brain cool.

Continue treatment until the dog’s temperature is below 103 degrees F.

It is best to get your dog to the vet immediately and it is a must if your dog suffers from signs of severe heat stroke.  The dog may be suffering from shock as well and must see a vet.

My dog Heidi fights the heat and has a bit of fun with her toys in her kiddie pool on a hot summer day.

We are called a dog Team

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When attempting a giant leap…

Sometimes you need a little help up

a help up

In the beginning

The next time…

you may only need a whisper in your ear

For the courage

To try on your own

and succeed.

Spool Jumping

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These are the days when I love training.  There are few things more rewarding than seeing a dog surmount a difficult obstacle.

A dog’s face shows every emotion.

It is especially satisfying watching a dog


dog jump 1

fail and become frustrated

dog jump 2


dog jump 3


dog jump 4

Crate Break!

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The little monster got out today.  I am not sure how.  Either a latch missed or a small crack has allowed the dog to push the door open.

As you may know from earlier posts, working dogs have a much higher drive or desire to get into trouble.  Intelligence and enduring high energy are combined in a good working dog, allowing him to work many hours for few rewards.  This high energy can quickly get such an animal into trouble if he is unguided.  He is a bit like a teenager with the house to himself all weekend.  I am just glad all of Grom’s friends did not find a way over.  Thank goodness dogs can’t drive.

Now off to buy a new crate, new running shoes, and bitter apple spray for possible new shoes.

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