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Chasing ice chips

Posted in life with a working dog with tags , , , , on February 21, 2010 by rattlerjen

Dogs really have an amazing sense of smell.  Today we were breaking up the ice/snow layer on our deck.  The dogs loved chewing on the chunks.  Heidi and Lauren the german shepherds would even grab a chunk lay down and chew on it like a bone.  My husband stole a big chunk from Heidi and chucked it far into the yard.  A giant snowmound at the end of the deck prevented the dogs possibly seeing where the ice chunk landed.  Our old girl found the block of ice with her nose.

Heidi Grom playing with ball in snow

I can tire that old dog out!

Time and again she quickly found and returned chunk after chunk of ice thrown into the yard.  Wow!

My husband and our friend decided it was high time to make a snow cave on the deck.  With a kayak paddle, they chopped a three foot square hole into the five foot high snow bank on our deck.  Precocious Grom the dog promptly trotted in to the hole to investigate.  Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence of that dog.  What if there was a yeti in there or something.  Really dog, bad judgement!

Grom did however do a good job of steeling a section of hose off the rain barrel and proceeded to tire out the two shepherds by playing keep away.  Thank goodness he knows better than try playing that game with us…


Taking a little from the Stomach

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Sometimes, you just aren’t fast enough.

While I am at work, Aaron ties the dog back to do some drive play with him.  Everything was going well.  The dog would bark and Aaron would kick the toy with his foot.  Dog barks and the toy moves again.  Dog barks his head off with nice deep, loud barks and Aaron picks up the toy.  Grom at this point really wants the toy and starts tugging on his leash and snapping in the air and barking.  “Give me the toy!”

Grom is fast, real fast.  Predictably, he is able to grab the tug before it was expected.  Fun tugging in the slippery snow ensues.  Then the problem begins.

tooth scratch

6 inch long scratch from a tooth

Grom keeps trying to readjust his grip on the toy.  As soon as he does this, we try to whip it out of his mouth.  Hold on and keep your mouth in place or you lose the toy buddy. The problem is the little nut is faster than we are!

During one of these exchanges, the pup lunges too far to get the toy back and gets Aaron right in the stomach.  When Aaron told me this over a cup of tea after my return from work, I laughed my butt off. I don’t have a sensitivity problem, Really!  (The bruising around it is quite lovely, don’t you think?)

It’s a problem that we need to get some advice on.   So, here goes the round of questions to working dog trainers.

Still snowed in

Posted in Dog diary, life with a working dog, Search and Rescue with tags on February 8, 2010 by rattlerjen

We are still snowed in and my shows were cancelled today.  No work for me.  That is a good thing when you get to spend all day in bed with food poisoning.  Woo hoo!

Grom has been outside a lot lately.  Running in the snow can really wear a puppy out.  Especially when he chooses to run in the deepest snow in the backyard in order to get away from a slow moving 9 year old German Shepherd.  I suppose she moves just fast enough to keep the puppy playing keep-a-way with a stick.

dog helps shovel snow

I can help shovel!

Tomorrow, we are expecting another foot of snow!  My husband and I decided to get as much of the snow off the roof as possible.  Thank goodness our roof is pitched, but none of the snow has slid off from the last storm.  They just don’t build houses with three feet of snow in mind around here!

Boy was Grom puzzled when two humans sat on his roof throwing snow off.  Bark, bark, bark!  There was so much snow on the roof, that it made a pile next to the house large enough to stand on and climb on the roof!Aaron shoveling snow off the roof

Grom must be completely spent.  He has been sleeping in the chair next to the fire without getting in to anything.  Horay!  Ok, except for 5 minutes ago when he stepped on Aaron’s laptop and started chewing on the wood pile.  Other than that…

Dog climbing ladder

I'm climbing up there to help.

Photo op in the Snow! and peroxide…

Posted in dog training, life with a working dog, Search and Rescue with tags , , , , , on February 7, 2010 by rattlerjen

Grom got all dressed up in his snazzy search and rescue vest and took to the snow.  He quickly learned how to catch snowballs in his mouth.  We quickly learned that this dog has one heck of a vertical leap!  Aaron claims that Grom can jump at least 5 feet straight up. Boing!  We knew that his breed, Belgian Malinois could jump, but oh my!search dog in snow

Aaron devised a new game for the puppy in the snow.  We have a very heavy, solid rubber dog ball.  The red sucker sinks immediately into the snow when thrown.  Grom had a great time searching for the hidden ball with his nose under 2 feet of snow.  I am continually amazed with the power of doggie noses.

Search dog jumping for snowballI have been battling what I believe to be food poisoning from going out to eat yesterday.  I wake up to see my husband running out of the bathroom with the bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  Either the man wanted to be a blond or the dog ate something he shouldn’t have, again.  Poor Aaron had no idea how much of the stuff to give the dog in order to induce vomiting.  Further more, how in the heck are you supposed to get this stuff down the dog’s throat.  I mean, really!  I directed my never frantic husband to my office where my stash of animal rehab equipment is kept for syringes.  Wrestling with the hyper puppy outside resulted in what must have been only a few squirts of the stuff in there.

Aaron waited a couple of minutes.  Then, began to wonder why in the world the peroxide wasn’t working.  Technology to the rescue!  Aaron quickly types a search query into his Palm Pre phone and finds the answer he needs.  A whole 1/4 cup of the bubbly needs to somehow end up down the dog’s throat.  Yeah, right!

Thinking quickly, Aaron finds the chewed up camelback bladder, compliments of Grom, and cuts off the drinking tube.  He measures out a quarter of a cup and sucks it up into the tube.  Aaron gets just enough of the junk in his mouth to taste what is in store for the puppy.  He quickly grabs the puppy and shoves the other end of the tube down the furball’s throat.  With a quick blow into the tube, all of the hydrogen peroxide neatly gushes into the dog’s throat.  Grom thought that was great fun and bounced around in full play mode.  A minute later the dog returned a nice big wad of poly fill, all that must have been from the hedgehog toy, and a big green rubber chunk from a chew toy.  Be happy it all came out the easy end, mister dog.

Yes, dogs are fun.  Sort of dumb, but fun.

Snow day off

Posted in Dog diary, life with a working dog with tags , , , on February 3, 2010 by rattlerjen

What’s the deal with leaving me in this stupid box again.  Didn’t you just tell me that you didn’t have to go to work today? 

Wait, where are you going? I wanna go back outside and play in the snow!

What?  You are going in to help take care of the animals?

I am an animal.  Why can’t I come?

I have to be in here for How long?

Wait, what is bladder excercise?

That sounds stupid!  Yawn.

At least I got to play in the snow this morning.

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