No Dice

Last week, Grom and I were called out on our first search as an operational search team!

My husband, who is already certified with Grom, came with me as my walker (e.g. navigator, radio man, clue finder, medic, moral support, water mule, and driver). I received the call at lunch while I was still at work taking care of a room full of reptiles. A little girl went missing in the wooded area behind her house and they needed us out there.  I began going through the checklist in my head.

Where is the search?  Did I close and lock the door to the boa constrictor just now? Where is my husband?  Will he get home before me?  Where is the search base of operations?  Did I just put that cricket in the tarantula’s cage?  Have I remembered to call my show clients the next day to confirm my show? Will it be cold tonight? Where is my boss?  I need to tell her what is going on. Did I remember to put new batteries in my pack? What do I need to finish here at work before I leave?  Did I remember to eat lunch? Maybe I will eat a granola bar on the way down there. I should ask my husband to start loading the car and set out my search clothes…

Soon, I was home changed and ready for the two and a half hour drive to the search. Grom the search dog began whining and pulling on my sleeves as soon as the search gear came out.  He REALLY wanted to work.  He soon fell fast asleep in the back seat of the truck. Silly dog had probably been asleep all day.  He is going to have a lot of energy this evening. Good! My adrenaline keep me wide awake on the highway down to the search. It was an absolutely gorgeous day outside.  The kind of day that would be perfect for a walk in the woods.  I hoped the lost child decided to find a nice spot to sit and stay put so we could find her fast. I hoped she was enjoying nature and didn’t realize she was lost.

My husband and I talked all the way down to the search enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery and light traffic.  We were making great time.  Fifteen minutes before we got there, a text message came through on both of our phones.  Then my husband’s phone rang.  When he answered, one sentence caught my attention.  “You tell her!”

Tell me what?

I find out the little girl was found by a canine team just a few minutes before.  YES!  I missed out on my first search, but a girl was found, and I ended up eating a delicious lasagna dinner at the Moose lodge and a nice drive through the mountains.

No Dice for my first search, but a HUGE thank you to the Moose Lodge for letting us in and providing dinner.  What a great organization!

2 Responses to “No Dice”

  1. Andra Says:

    I can almost feel your adrenaline! Quite a let down but a great ending with a found kid. 🙂

    • Adrenaline is what keeps us awake on the way down to a search. A nap in the car before leaving the parking lot to go home after a search is imperative for me. I even bring a tent just in case.

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