Ash in the wind

An Effective way to test the wind

Instead of a long post this week, I thought I would share with you a little trick we found while grilling on a gorgeous spring afternoon. In order to use our fine smoker, we needed to clear out the old ash. I bet you can guess what we found.  A fine powder to test the wind with!

We have a fairly steep south facing wooded hill in our backyard.  This video was taken in the late afternoon.  Temperature was in the mid 60’s with wind less than 5mph.  See what happens when ash is fling parallel to the ground from about 4 feet in the air

See what happens when the ash is flung closer to the ground only a few minutes later.  You can see the turbulence in the air from the disturbance of the shovel moving through the air.

I don’t have plans to replace my baby powder bottles while going on a search, but this would be great to bring on training days to see what the scent does in different conditions.

How cool!

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