Molniya Gets a uniform

We received Molniya’s vest in the mail today.  It fits her perfectly.  Nothing looks better on a black dog.  At least her “brother,” Grom, thinks so.


She is fitting in so well.  The best part is she loves to bark!

What sort of dog owner wants their dog to bark?  These people must be crazy!  We are teaching her to bark on command for her favorite toy.  Barking is what she will use to tell us she has found a missing person.  She will then get her toy reward for a job well done.

She fits in so well around here.  Molniya loves playing with her big brother, Grom. She also loves chasing balls in the backyard.  She loves bubbles most of all;  she will do anything for them!

Someone does need to tell her to stop trying to eat the stink bugs. EW!

4 Responses to “Molniya Gets a uniform”

  1. Nathalie Buckner Says:

    Ops! She learned that nasty habit from her pitbull friend Mojo! He eats them. I know she will get her bark she is so smart. Love to hear her progress. Sending hugs and kisses from the K9Krew!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      At least she is eating them and not leaving them around… Ewwww bugs!
      So wonderful to hear all these updates on Molniya. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. She looks beautiful in orange!! Believe it or not, I do miss her sometimes. I’m so glad you guys gave her a job to do. Us boring “Pit Bull People” didn’t have enough energy to keep up with her.

  3. Awe, but she is such a sweetie because of those cuddly pit bulls and pit bull people 😉

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