Flying Dogs!

Everyone has heard the term, “When pigs fly,” but what does it mean when dogs fly?  We all get back from our really fun land navigation exercise to delicious hot dogs and burgers.  In addition to some yummy dogs on a bun, there were a different group of hot dogs flying through the air.

If you look closely, this dog was pretty relaxed.  At one point he even had big huge happy lab circle tail butt wiggle going. Our SAR dogs can be very trusting. Although I am wondering if our dogs think we are insane.  I imagine training a dog to be comfortable going up a steep cliff can save many hours in search time.

German Shepherd on a Zip line

One of our dog handlers doing a great job getting her dog comfortable with the zip line for the first time. Treats rule.

Our base of operations must be located where there is access to the outside world, including roads and communication.  This is where everyone must meet before going out on a search.  Unfortunately, the base is not always located in the most convenient place to get searchers out to their search site.  The lost person could very well have been last seen across a gully, up a cliff, around a swamp, or down a hill side from where we start.  It may be a search area is reached only by hiking in a few hours from where we got our instructions.  When time is of the essence, a flying dog may make all the difference to the success of a search.

bloodhound on a ziplineMy puppy, Grom thinks he is a billy goat. He is always jumping on top of things.  Ziplining would certainly give him the ultimate view of things!

I have to admit my favorite dog on the zipline was this giant bloodhound.  I challenge anyone to not smile at this brave guy.  What a dog!

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