Dog eats wedding ring

Thank god he spit it out!  In his little puppy brain, Grom decided that the container the ring was in looked tasty.  A quick hop up on the dresser and he had the thing in his mouth.  The small box clattering to the floor is what woke me up.  My husband thought it would be funny to let the dog go in the bedroom after he had done his business outside.  Instead of trying to wake me up, the little black dog went exploring in the bedroom.  With his mouth!

I'm not running away in the snow, nope.

Grom also decided to suck at training as well.  When we asked him to bark, he would just sniff around on the ground.  Aaron got him to bark when he leaned over the mutt and asked him excitedly.  No go, the dog already knows the command and has barked in response to it in all situations.  This should be easy!

I grabbed the dog and brought him back again for a second try.  This time he did a wonderful job of acting deaf.  Back in the crate!  No fun for you this morning doggy.

The evening play session went much better.  I suppose being stuck at home alone all day does that for you.  The evening session was just play, and boy did he!  The little dog even brought back the toy for even more tugging after winning it.  Once, he even ran back to me and jumped up on me until I grabbed the toy in his mouth.  What an improvement from a week ago.  No more keep away, right Grom?

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