Bigger crate and more time in it.

Our puppy is getting big.  The little monster must have doubled in size since December.  I made the trek out to our shed in the remaining 8 inches of melting snow to fetch a larger crate.  Squish, squish, splash, crunch, crunch, slide, squish, crunch.  My old worn out hiking boots braved the black ice, mud, puddles, and melted then refrozen snow blanketing the trail to the wood sided structure.  I managed to successfully get the large disassembled crate awkwardly through the swinging door of the shed. Then I stopped to chose a good path through the back yard.

I was soon to learn a lesson in the importance of good equipment.  I balanced the two oversized clamshell halves in front of my body with my short arms. All the time Grom is leaping back and forth in front of me. While crossing the slush covered wood ramp back the house, my feet slid forward and I feel right on my bum, Hard! Grom made a delighted squeaking noise and bounded into the dropped crate to joyfully maul my face.  As I felt the mud and freezing water seep through the fabric of my pants, the puppy hooks his lower canine in my left nostril and successfully worms his tongue up my other nostril.  Disgusting snorting noises accompanied his slobbering.  I frantically tried to regain my footing, but continued to slide around on the wet wood like a giraffe on an ice rink.  Once at the bottom of the cursed wooden ramp, I was able to rid myself of the slobbering toothy devil and navigate my way back to the house.  A few moments later I had the crate assembled and a quarter cup of dog food thrown in.  A black streak of puppy fur flew into the crate and I closed the door.

Training a working dog often requires a bit of experimenting.  Every dog is different. Since Grom has gotten a bit dense about indication work, I decided to take a bit of advice from yesterday to heart.  I was suspecting the dog was getting way to much free time running around the house and occasionally playing with my older dog.  Now he thinks we are nuts when we ask him to actually do something to earn play.  Hey man you gottta get it into your thick puppy skull that working dogs don’t get things for free.

We tried indication work just like yesterday.  Success!  The little flash came running towards me on the command.  YES!

Back to closely managing his free – play time.  We have to make sure that he is not having too much fun outside of his safe little bed.  Only time will tell.

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